I’m Doing This for You

One of my biggest motivations for becoming a more confident, faith-filled woman is the desire to be a great mom someday.

I absolutely love kids. At 17, I began volunteering in a classroom of elementary students with Autism. This experience profoundly affected my heart and fostered a passion for working with kids that will last the rest of my life. I now tutor students from “at risk” elementary schools and volunteer at a children’s hospital every week. The love and joy I give and receive from these kids radiates my life with sunshine.

Constant exposure to these environments, and knowing the impact parents have on their kids, makes me think about what kind of mom I will be someday. I have met many wonderful parents, but I have also witnessed selfish and negligent parenting. I don’t know how people can send their babies into this unforgiving world without first providing them with unrelenting support and love.

I want to be a mother who knows she’s beautiful and created in the image of God so I can instill this confidence in my children. If I have a daughter, I will buy her tiaras and tell her that she’s a brilliant and beautiful princess. If I have a son, I will make sure he knows that I love him unconditionally, regardless of performance and achievement. I want my kids to know what it means to respect themselves and others. I want the love of Christ to overflow from my heart and into theirs, every single day.

It may be years before I  have my own children, but when I’m tutoring a 5th grader in math or holding a baby at the hospital, I remind myself of the role that I will take on someday. I thank God for His unfailing love and His example of how to be the perfect parent.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Doing This for You

  1. It sounds like you are a God given mother to many. The love you extend to each child will ripple through many generations. You write from a heart that has walked a few challenging roads – keep sharing!

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