Sending Love to My Blog Friends

I was having a hard week until I received an outpouring of love from some wonderful people. Thank you, blog friends, for sharing your positive attitudes and words of encouragement with me. I want to individually thank those of you who have particularly affected my heart and created waves of joy over the past few months. I am so blessed by your comments and inspired by your work.

GregYou have been a constant support over the past few months. You’re one of the only “real life” friends who reads my blog and I always get a smile from your comments. Thank you for being the most amazing friend anyone could ask for.

CarolI have consistently followed your blog since I started my own. I get so much encouragement and joy from reading about your heart for people and Jesus. Your comments and support have truly blessed me. (Experience Carol’s passionate faith at:

HeatherI adore you! From your writing, to your art, to your personal style– you are radiantly unique. You’re going to help so many people with your talents and kind heart. Thanks for always taking time to comment on my posts. (Follow Heather’s amazing style at:

ShelbyYou are quite possibly the sweetest girl ever. Everything you write reveals a kind, reflective heart. I’m convinced that we would get along wonderfully if we ever ran into each other at  a coffee shop. Your joy for life and unique style make you beautiful. You stand out. (Visit Shelby and say “hi” at:

Chris– More often than not, your comments make me laugh. I love your sense of humor and your ability to openly share your heart. Reading your work has made me laugh, cry, reconsider, and ponder. Thank you for encouraging, challenging, and inspiring me. (Enjoy Chris’ brilliant posts at:

ReganYour blog is such a source of joy for everyone who visits it. Your kind heart shines right through your beautiful writing. Thank you for taking time to leave me encouragement this week. I can’t wait to read more of your work. (View Regan’s colorful blog at:

SharonMy heart always feels lighter after visiting your blog. You write so beautifully and poignantly that I often find myself re-reading your posts several times. You are a shining example of someone who has endured struggles, shed the difficulties of the past, and flown away as something incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart and showing us that life is “better than just surviving.” (See Sharon’s work at:

MJ– I adore your positive attitude and willingness to share advice about life, love, and personal growth. Everything you write comes across as genuine and encouraging. When I read about all the love and beauty you’ve found in your life, it gives me hope for my own. Thank you. (Be inspired by MJ at:

LittleCurio– I am so inspired by your witty and creative blog posts. Your comments always put a smile on face and joy in my heart. Keep writing and being you– you’re beautiful! (Visit her blog at:

Kitkat1126– I adore your blog because I relate so much to the topics you write about. From break-ups to moving on to working out– I love your posts. Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog and comment. It’s so wonderful to meet other 20-something girls who are trying to get the most out of life. (Check out her fabulous posts at:

Chloe– You are such a talented writer. After reading your work, I felt so privileged that you took time to comment on mine. I hope you keep writing and sharing your gift with the world. (Read Chloe’s poetry at:

Rachael Eliz– Your bold faith is both admirable and beautiful. Reading your posts often inspires me to pursue a deeper relationship with God. Keep loving people and seeking God– you’ll inspire many, like you’ve inspired me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with me. (Be blessed by Rachael’s blog at:

Megan (Shades of Bright)My “twin.” I can’t begin to describe how much I admire your heart for Jesus and humanity. You are one of those all-encompassing , beautiful in every way, people who will change the world. I wish you love and courage to take with you wherever God calls you.

Dagnydarling– Your writing absolutely cracks me up. You’re amazingly witty, charming, and brilliant. Whenever I read your posts, I feel envious of your gift for writing and story-telling. I hope you know how incredible you are and that I always leave your blog with a smile on my face. (Read her work at:

AshleykmasonI love the advice you passed on to me the other day, when you told me to be strong and not lose faith in love. You have such a compassionate heart and it shows in the way you offer support to others. Thank you for being there to uplift me. (Get to know Ashley at:

Christine– Your blog constantly makes me smile. I love that you still find plenty of joy in the random blessing of life, even when you’re coping with heartbreak. You not only spread joy through your own posts, but you take time to leave encouragement on other people’s blogs. Thank you. (Read Christine’s blog at:

Jeremy– We’ve only recently found each other’s blogs, but I’ve already received a lot of encouragement from you. Your writing is profound, honest, and uplifting. Thank you for sending me encouragement recently (through words and songs). I look forward to reading more of your posts. (View Jeremy’s blog at:

MargaritaWe’ve only had a few exchanges, but you’ve commented on days when I really needed support. Thank you for being so thoughtful and kind. Your ability to reach out to others, even when your own heart is healing, says so much about your character. I know you’ll experience lots of love throughout your life because you give so much love away to others.

MichelleI may not have met you, but I feel close to you through your writing and our e-mail exchanges. I can tell that you pour your heart and soul into everything you love– people, writing, friends, relationships, pets. That’s such a beautiful quality! Never stop smiling or fighting for everything you want in life. (See Michelle’s fabulous writing at:

Michaela– Your photography is absolutely stunning. You capture people in a way that is both raw and breathtaking. I am so inspired by the beauty of your art and your loving personality. (I don’t have the correct link to your blog, but please send it to me if you read this.)

K– You and your blog are both gorgeous. I love your fashion sense and creativity. Thank you for inspiring me with your beautiful photos and articles. (See her creative style at:

Fnkybee– You are just all-around fabulous. I love your writing, your style, and your zest for life. Thank you for loving life and for sharing your enthusiasm with others. You are truly inspiring. (Find inspiration at:

Vanillasense– You are clever, talented, and a truly inspiring person. I love where you refer to yourself as “a student of life” in your blog. It’s marvelous to see the world from your viewpoint. (Visit her blog at:

Lindsay– I love how goal-oriented and passionate you are. I know that you will achieve everything you want to and more. Never forget how beautiful, smart and fabulous you are. Thanks for being such an encouragement to me. (View Lindsay’s blog at:

Lauren– I absolutely love your blog on healthy cooking. You have the most delicious, original recipes and a wonderfully positive outlook on life. (Get Lauren’s recipes at:

To anyone & everyone else
– Thank you for taking time to read my work. I feel like life is blowing me kisses each time I get an encouraging message. May you continue to love and inspire others with your beautiful hearts.

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16 thoughts on “Sending Love to My Blog Friends

  1. I’ve been having a few difficult days lately, but when I saw your blog tonight it made me feel slightly better. I am humbled that God has used my blog to encourage you. And I am thankful that He is using yours to encourage me. May this keep happening. :)
    Thank you again! And May God Bless You With An Amazing Week. :)

  2. Aww, thank you so much Jaclyn. :P I just finished blogging and checked my subscriptions. I am so consumed with JOY, right in time for Sunday School. This makes me a happy camper.

    I am going to do my best to visit EVERY single one of these blogs, when I find the time. This is gonna be fun! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Thankyou dear one, I am glad!
    I am honoured to share blogging communication with you. I too am inspired by your writing. Keep being you, keep doing what you’re doing.
    Thinking of you and praying with you in your hardships, R.E (:

  4. Thank you for this, Jaclyn. I was feeling lonely and emotional this morning when I read your beautiful words. You totally cheered me up. And you directed me to a myriad of other wonderful blogs.
    You’re amazing :-)

  5. What a very lovely and generous-hearted post Jaclyn. Isn’t linking up with such a wide fellowship an extraordinary blessing? Peace to you. Love is obviously, as the film has it, “all around you.” And it shines through you. I think you might enjoy . Blessings. :)

  6. I just caught up on all your posts from the past week while I was away and I wish I could have been here when they all happened so I could have thrown some encouraging words your way! That said, I’m touched that you thought of me even while I WAS away and couldn’t throw those words at you. :) I can always depend on you to bring some amazing insight into my life through your blog, and I am so glad you found mine so that I could find yours! Hang in there, love. You’ll get through it all. Your strength and faith will help you to do so.

  7. Thank you so much, Jaclyn. “Brilliant posts”, huh? ;) That one is going in a safe for future reference. And you are far more inspirational than I could even aspire to be. Just keep being you!

  8. Well never did I ever feel quite so greateful for a blog shout-out. One of the most lovely things I’ve found about the blogging community: as much as i started it in a very selfish, it’s all-about-me-manner, I’ve learned SO much from the blogging community. Thank you, my dear little cupcake, for being such an inspiration to those of us who don’t find smiling quite as easy as you do. All my love… DD.

  9. J, you truly are amazing and i bet everyone here will vouch for me when i say, at times, YOU saved us. Saved us from the misery, from the loneliness, from people not understanding us. You are a beautiful spirit, on days like today when darkness is all that surrounds me, your strength is my light.

    Thank you for being you.

  10. I’ve only just seen this post, must have missed it :( but thank you so much for the mention, it feels so special to be a part of your community now, and we live so far apart! Love love love! xxx

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