Speak the Truth, Even if Your Voice Shakes

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13 thoughts on “Speak the Truth, Even if Your Voice Shakes

  1. [VERSE ONE]
    My voice is shaking and,
    My heart is breaking but,
    The steps I’m taking are,
    Leading me to Your grace,

    And the life I’m living is,
    So unforgiving but,
    I keep believing that I,
    am gonna see Your face,

    You are the truth that holds me together,
    You are the love that will hold me forever,
    You are the artist that painted my heart,
    You are the greatest, You are the greatest,

    My world is crashing down,
    I can’t escape this town, I
    need to feel You all around,
    I know I’m safe in Your hands,

    I am losing my way, and,
    I’ve had such a bad day, so,
    I hit my knees and pray, that
    You will show me Your plans,

    [CHORUS] x2

    You are the greatest, There is no contest,
    You gave Your son for us, He died on the cross,


    You are the greatest, You are the greatest,
    You are the greatest, You are the greatest,
    You are the greatest, You are the greatest,


    I just felt like sharing, because this post inspired the song lyrics above. After looking at all of these images you shared I wrote these lyrics in about… five or ten minutes. I’ll probably end up revising them later, but I wanted to give you something.

    You really are incredibly inspiring. Thank you! ;) Now I’ve gone and written another song… and I still don’t have an acoustic guitar or keyboard to play them on. Only a bass guitar and a slightly-out-of-tune-piano. Well, my brother has an electric guitar, but I have to ask permission to use it… and I like acoustic better anyway. HA!

    Man, I’m starting to turn my comments on your posts into little blog posts of my own, aren’t I? My apologies… I’ll try not to be so long-winded next time.

    Lots of Love!

  2. Beautiful! Just beautiful! I absolutely love this blog post, thank you for these wonderful photos. You have one of the nicest, most uplifting blogs that I know of on all of WordPress.
    I really wish that more people were as refreshing and positive as you! :)

  3. I love each and every picture you post Jaclyn. All of them. Hope you don’t mind I use some for my tumblr. They just make me smile :) like you do my dear friend. Praying your day is filled with Jesus’s love and His grace :)

  4. I find my voice shakes when speaking the truth to friends! It can be really hard to be truthful to the closest ones to us, and this post encouraged me to tell a friend something she needed to hear… and it turned out to be not that bad! Thanks for the encouragement xx

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