Be a Rebel

You may not know this, but I’ve always been a rebel. I was a rebel when I didn’t own a 2 piece bathing suit in high school. I was a rebel when I didn’t kiss boys on the first, second, or third date. I was a rebel when I committed to remain abstinent until marriage. Most of my peers will not agree with this statement, but I’m going to claim it anyway:

Modesty is one of the most attractive qualities. Ever.

I don’t say this to condemn the way other people express themselves, or to pretend like I always present myself in a positive light. I don’t, trust me. I’ve worn outfits that I hope will attract guys. I’ve flirted with people out of curiosity, not genuine interest. I’ve posted pictures on Facebook just to see if people will “like” them.

But, the more I learn about God and myself… The more my heart longs to create a different world than one where I have to look “hot” to get a man’s attention.  Yes, we notice how other people look, but I don’t want to be loved for my body or my face. I want to be loved for my heart. If a guy wants to date a girl simply because he likes her body– he’s going to choose a girl whose body he can see. I don’t want to date that guy and I don’t want to be that girl.

Modesty is often equated with dressing conservatively, but I think the definition runs deeper. To me, modesty is showing the world that you don’t need to dress or act a certain way to feel loved. You and I are both already deeply loved. We just need to wait for someone who’s attracted to the most wholesome, genuine version of us. Someone who appreciates understated confidence. Someone who believes in true love and wants a romantic, amazing, fun-filled, Godly relationship.

I may sound like a prude, but I just think– the more I save of myself, the more I can give to the one God saved for me. I am so excited to meet the person God has picked for me! I hope we’ll become great friends. I hope we’ll laugh together, pray together and study God’s word together. I hope we’ll hold hands and write each other sweet notes. I hope I can encourage him when he struggles in faith, and that he’ll do the same for me. I hope we’ll be servants together.

Do you want to know the best thing I’ve learned this year? Until I’m madly in love with Jesus, I’m not ready to be in love with anyone else. But, when I am ready… I know God will lead me to the best ending possible.

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15 thoughts on “Be a Rebel

  1. Wow this post is amazing! Yes, sometimess we have to go against the tide of culture in order to become who God wants and needs us to be. Though at times in my own life I have failed God…I still believe that God’s forgiveness reigns true. I just only hope that true love will also look past these flaws. Just know that I believe God will honor your faithfulness to fall in love with Christ totally. :)

    • I always love getting a guy’s perspective on this stuff. Thanks for the comment, Jeremy. I agree with your thoughts– God’s mercy is great and we are completely covered in love :)

  2. Jaclyn–yet again you’ve written a post that resonates with me deeply and corresponds to something God has been teaching me lately! You don’t sound like a prude: you sound like a strong, lovely woman of God who has awakened to her own beauty–her TRUE beauty.

    Personal confession time: I work at a coffee shop and a lot of my coworkers get asked out on a regular basis. I don’t, even though I know I’m a lovely person, inside and out. Sometimes I get caught up in the thinking of, “what’s wrong with me? Why don’t guys ask me out? Why don’t I get that much attention?”

    God’s been teaching me that it’s not about how you look and how much attention you get from guys, because in the end, you want someone to be attracted to your heart, not your body, and this is all that matters. Why struggle for a person’s attention when you already have God’s, all the time, no matter how you look?

    Anyway, thank you for this. It’s crazy how God teaches different people on opposite sides of a continent the same things!

    • Alison,

      Your comment means so much to me because I completely understand where you’re coming from. It’s hard to be alone sometimes– watching people couple up and get married, wondering “when am I going to find someone who loves me for me?”

      I’ve really struggled with getting my worth from my relationships in the past. This time alone has been the best thing for me! It’s renewed my heart and my spirit and my desire to serve. Sometimes that means being home with a cup of tea and a good book on Friday night but I’m okay with that. I know that God is preparing me for something beautiful. He has a beautiful plan for you too, darling.

      You are so precious and kind and loved. Your comments always touch my heart. I am so excited to stay in touch with you and hear about all the wonderful things God brings into your life! I wish you lots of love today, my sweet sister. <3

  3. Oh this post! Something I have been trying to explain to people around me forever! It’s just so nice to see people who are so confident in themselves, they don’t have to wear or be anything flashy to get the love and attention they deserve. And there is such a thing as attracting the wrong attention. Just on the ‘clothing’ side of things, it is also a good idea to dress modestly to help others not to stumble or be tempted by us in any way. Some people equate ‘modest’ clothing to something boring or prudish but you can definitely be modest, beautiful and stylish at the same time! Good post Jac xx

  4. Things I admire in you:
    1) That you love God.
    2) That you believe in your heart of hearts that love is inside you.
    3) That you are willing to love Jesus with all of your heart.
    4) That you share your love for God with the world.
    5) That you think outside the box.
    6) That you have a generous soul.
    7) That you have morals and values.
    8) That you are inspiring.
    9) That you continue to learn.
    10) That you know God loves you no matter what.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
    Have a wonderful day filled with love, wonder, unexpected merriment, appreciating for the tiny tiny little things and the very very huge enormous things and everything in the middle.

    Your blogging friend,

    Julie :)

  5. *rebelling away*

    p.s. i love the fact that you have the courage to wear tyour faith on your sleeve. not many people do that. consider me challenged.

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