“Never lose your childish enthusiasm and things will come your way.”

Under the Tuscan Sun

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6 thoughts on “Enthusiasm

  1. Love the picture and the quote! Wow, I wonder how many hours it must have taken the girl or young woman in the picture to painstakingly dye her hair in all the colors of the rainbow like that! What a laborious, time-consuming dye job that must have been.
    But the final product looks gorgeous, and well worth the effort. She sure must get A LOT of attention and remarks (positive and negative) when she walks down the street like that or even when she goes out in public at all; she stands out like a flashing honking neon sign with hair like that.
    But I love her for having the courage to stand out and buck the conventional fashion and hair coloring/hairstyling trends and be different from the norm. Her courage is admirable. Or else she’s just a rebellious teenager, or a really young child, and people can just dismiss it as an outward display of teenage rebellion, or as the flightful fancy and/or whimsy of a young child who just wanted to dye her hair like a rainbow for the pure joy of it, or because she just thought that it would “look pretty” or “make her look cool” to her friends, etc.

  2. …or it’s a wig lol. If it’s real, it’s the most high maintenance hair ever. Those colors fade like crazy!

    But I love love love it. I wish I could have that. But too much work to maintain. lol forget that. But still want it. Does that mean I have childish enthusiasm?

  3. This is a great post! Beautiful quote. A topic I’ve discussed with family and friends a lot as of late. Keep up the positivity!

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