Twenty-four is a weird age because my friends and I are all in different places.

We are single, dating, engaged, or married. We are purchasing homes, renting tiny apartments, or living in our parents’ basement. We are pursuing degrees, realizing dreams, working at dead-end jobs, or unemployed. We are saving money, living paycheck to paycheck, or accumulating debt. We are walking with God or walking away from the religion our parents forced on us.

We are figuring ourselves out. We are making choices about relationships. We are deciding whether we’ll leave something good for the possibility of something great. We are battling fears of commitment, or fears of being alone. We are falling in love with others, or falling in love with who we are in the world as individuals.

We are deciding what the rest of our lives will look like.

And me? I’m reaching. I am reaching for the courage to dream a little bigger. I am reaching for friends who think that God is awesome and life is beautiful. I am letting go of relationships that make me feel like less than I am. I am shifting memories to the back of my mind and making room for better ones. I am embracing the parts of myself that I love and confronting the parts of myself that need improvement.

I am realizing that I don’t want the next few years to be easy. I want them to be filled with beauty and breaking and everything else it takes to have an extraordinary life. I want whatever it takes to become a woman whose life is centered on Jesus. I want whatever it takes to become a wife who never stops finding new ways to fall in love with her husband. I want whatever it takes to become a mom who sets up a tent in the backyard and stays up late roasting marshmallows with her kids so they look back at their childhood and see happy things. I want whatever it takes to become a friend that other people can count on, no matter what.

I love being twenty-four because it means that the days ahead will be filled with love and courage and growth… I’m ready for it.

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27 thoughts on “Twenty-four.

  1. Wow. You are such an amazing woman. Your passion for living life all for Jesus is so inspirational. I want to have your same passion when I grow up! :)

    • Aww, thank you so much Tay! You put a big smile on my face :) Just make sure you always do the things you love, not necessarily the things everyone else wants you to do, and you’ll have plenty of passion in your life.

  2. “I want them to be filled with beauty and breaking and everything else it takes to have an extraordinary life.” LOVE that. Your blog makes my heart smile every time I read it. You’re such a beautiful person, Jaclyn. And you remind me that life is worth rejoicing about—even on the hard days, even on the broken days. Every day is a gift. :) I’m sure He has great plans for your 24th year.

  3. Oh, JJRay, how I admire your spirit. You know what! I think the first step is writing it down. Well done. I once wanted those things too, in a far away world called the loveliness of youth. So full of life. It’s so exciting to have your ENTIRE life ahead of you. Alot of your wishes have been given to me and I’m thankful for them. I just wish I was doing a better job at fulfilling those desires I had. Does that make sense? I hope so. Still, be specific with your goals and dreams. I hear they come true!



  4. I love your zest for life and your selflessness when it comes to others. You are truly one great lady. You’re only 24, my how you will blossom in years to come.

  5. Beautiful!
    I remember 24…it was HARD. There was a LOT of change.
    …but it was so very VERY worth it.
    “I am realizing that I don’t want the next few years to be easy. I want them to be filled with beauty and breaking and everything else it takes to have an extraordinary life.” <– This right here? This is amazing. You are amazing. I hope that 24 is everything you want and more.

  6. Love, love,love this. Your heart is so beautiful. Sorry I’ve been absent from your blog, but just know that you are always in my heart and my prayers :)

  7. I think you write wonderfully. I think this is because you write directly from the heart.
    Love this post & love your blog! Keep posting :)

  8. That was such a beautiful post, Jaclyn Rae – I can relate to almost every word (not that much changes when you turn 25!) Easiness is definitely overrated. It’s in the fears, the challenges and the tough decisions that the true rewards come. And everyone has a very different path to getting where they are meant to be. Keep growing and keep writing!


    P.S. I love that photo – is it you?

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