For the King’s Daughters

Sometimes you feel like no one notices you.

Gym, work, groceries, laundry… Your days all look the same. You wonder if anyone cares or appreciates you… Your efforts feel invisible.

God cares.

God sees you when you pack your kids’ lunches. And when you put forth your best effort at the end of a tiring workweek. He sees every dish you wash and every sweater you fold.

Darling, you are never invisible. God sees your heart. He notices you.

And He delights in what He sees.

photo via weheartit

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7 thoughts on “For the King’s Daughters

  1. I’ve been going through a stage where while men are in my life, they are not at a stage of really knowing me. And I’m also feeling like no one is paying any attention. I forget at times that someone is ALWAYS paying attention to every little thing I do. Someone that cares so deeply that I was chosen to be His. Thanks, dear Jacly Rae. I needed to hear this. I think I shall send it along to my girl friend who is a mother of three toddlers. I think she could stand to have some encouragement as well.

    Hang in there. :)

  2. I needed this. I’m not a mom but sometimes I feel like no one notices me and being single, it can be difficult knowing you’re not anyone’s favourite. Thanks for this ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day! <3

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