Keep Knocking, Baby.

“A door is nothin’ but a hole in a wall. Keep knocking, baby. The door will open for you.”

—Tashion Macon

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6 thoughts on “Keep Knocking, Baby.

  1. Doors– there is something wonderful about them. Open doors are like freedom and joy, closed doors like a mystery novel you can’t peel your eyes away from. Every door encountered in life is a door that we are meant to experience and see, even if we only get to see one side of that door. Even if the door was never meant to open for us. Sometimes we might get a little peek inside, when a door opens just a crack but we end up finding yet another door still. The closed doors, they force you to find another door, one that will open for you like a spring flower. A perfect fit, shaped just for you. People will try to squeeze through your door, but won’t be able to because your door is a gift; custom made.

  2. Hi

    Your work goes to fill an oversized a part of your life, and therefore the solely thanks to be actually happy is to try and do what you suspect is nice work. and therefore the solely thanks to do nice work is to like what you are doing. If you haven’t found it however, keep wanting. Don’t settle. like all matters of the guts, you’ll understand once you notice it. And, like all nice relationship, it simply gets higher and higher because the years roll on. thus keep wanting till you discover it. Don’t settle.”


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