For You

It’s how I feel now. With you.

Scared, hopeful, in love.

Things that seem meaningless to others are invaluable treasures that I’ll keep safe forever. Like a text message or a walk in the park or the sound of your voice. Like the way it felt when you held my hand the first time and when we said things that are easier kept secret.

I may not think of you every second of the day but I feel you in everything I do. You make me vulnerable in a way that scares me, the way opening your heart to something when the odds of breaking are high always does. But when you meet someone who shows you things about yourself that make you special, and perhaps even beautiful, you can’t think about things that scare you.

I find strength and security in knowing I’ve found a true friend who makes me smile and laugh and think twice about what I want. Someone I fell for in a heartbeat but feel like I’ve known forever. Someone who runs at my pace. Relationships don’t always make sense, especially from the outside, but I make sense with you.

Some things don’t last forever, but other things do. Some things break when you want them to last. Sometimes you find yourself surrounded by locked doors and without any keys. But, when it works, love is really quite amazing. It’s not overrated or silly or jealous. It just… works. It makes you feel like something big is about to happen, like maybe all those love songs were right and that some people really are soul mates.

And nothing else really matters now. It doesn’t matter who we’ve loved before or what happened yesterday. It doesn’t matter if we have a lifetime of these moments or just this one, because I love you now.

And that’s enough.

photo via weheartit

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6 thoughts on “For You

  1. What a beautiful, hopeful, encouraging post. Your writing inspires me, J. <3 So grateful to share a part of your journey and your story through your blog.

    And SO happy to read about the love you've found! :)

  2. Jacyln,
    You have the most amazing heart. I love how you love! Your gift is so beautiful. Continue to let God show you and guide in every area of your life. He has more gifts and amazing blessings for u. ❤ u girl and praying for u! Psalm 51:10

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