Nothing left to say. Nothing to salvage.

I’m crushed about what happened, but not all the time. Only when I allow myself to think about it.

You asked me what I want from you and I couldn’t respond.

I want what I’ve always wanted. I want from you what I want from so many people in my life.


photo via weheartit

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14 thoughts on “More

  1. I feel you…..thank you for sharing. Even though you’re hurting, I’m so glad I’m not alone in these type of feelings.

  2. Dear Jaclyn, during the last few months, I have been in a similar place, after meeting someone who brought so much hope into my life, followed by so much disappointment. I’m still learning from it all. Still healing. But God is faithful. And in the midst of the brokenness, that is always such a beautiful thing.
    As always, I admire your courage to share your heart.

    One last thing: I read this on Twitter a month or so ago, and I’ve kept it on my heart: “Even when we don’t understand the WHY, we can trust Him with the WHAT.” I hope it encourages you, as it did (and continues to do) for me. xo

  3. I identify so much with your words., Jaclyn…

    All I can tell you is that from personal experience that want for “more” is what will not let you settle for less than what you deserve.



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